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Our Mission

The Bohemian Alps Wind Watchers is a group of local volunteers that is dedicated to raising awareness about industrial scale wind farms and their negative impact to our rural landscape, local economy and wildlife.

Legislation is at the root of  renewable energy which is why it is critical to understand the federal funding that is driving these types of projects and how our elected officials are involved. We need to be a voice to our officials on all levels, from grass roots to the White House. 


We will be providing links below to current regulatory events that you need to know about and/or Wind Industry information in general.


Below is an article from the American Thinker publication.


To understand the scope of the industrial sized wind farm that is being proposed in our area, you have to quantify the target area and who it affects. We have taken the scope area map that was provided by the company and overlaid it on the local area map to understand the affected area. The span reaches from Valparaiso, Loma, Brainard, Bruno, Linwood, Abie, Prague, David City, Bellwood and many other surrounding communities.


The construction period would start in 2017 and last 6-9 months. The contract period with signed landowners is for a period of 100 years.

Agriculture is the heart of our community. It's the industry that binds us together and gives us something to talk about over a cup of coffee. Farming is critical to our area and is the very reason why families stay local and/or move back from corporate life. Keeping our vistas and draws friendly to the local industry and wildlife is top priority.


Below is an article from the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation. The subject is Wind Energy Production: Legal Issues and Related Liability Concerns for Landowners.


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